Dear FM Community,

As I sit down to pen this missive, I must first admit that I'm rather chuffed to address such a passionate and dedicated group of Football Manager enthusiasts. Today, I'd like to discuss a somewhat contentious topic that's been making the rounds in our digital dugouts: the downloading of tactics for Football Manager 2023, and why doing so does not make one a cheat or a less skilled manager.

Now, let's delve into the reasons why some players may choose to download tactics for FM23. For some, it's an opportunity to learn from the collective wisdom of fellow managers, while others may simply be looking to experiment with different approaches to enrich their experience.

Let's move on to the first myth I'd like to debunk - that downloading tactics for Football Manager 2023 is tantamount to cheating. I must say, this is utter poppycock. Downloading tactics is a perfectly legitimate means of broadening one's strategic horizons, and it's not akin to using hacks or cheats that unfairly provide a competitive edge. As long as you're using these tactics to learn and grow as a virtual manager, I say, "Carry on!"

The second myth I'd like to address is the notion that those who download tactics are somehow less skilled at the game. Ladies and gentlemen, let's not forget that Football Manager is a multifaceted experience, and there's more to it than simply deploying a masterful tactic on matchday.

There are numerous aspects of FM23 in which players may excel, such as scouting prodigious talents, managing player egos, and balancing the club's finances like a virtuoso conductor. So, let's not be too hasty in judging the skills of those who choose to download tactics. After all, we're all in this together, striving to become the best managers we can be.

In conclusion, dear FM Community, I implore you to embrace the diverse skillsets and approaches that make our community so vibrant. Downloading tactics for Football Manager 2023 is neither cheating nor a sign of diminished skill, rather, it's an opportunity to learn and grow in our pursuit of managerial excellence.

Yours Sincerely, Wolf

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