Alright, listen up, you football fanatics! The Football Manager 2023 Winter Update has shaken things up a bit, and I'm here to guide you through the maze of rating changes and attribute fixes. So, let's talk about the best young left wingers you should be signing in FM23.

Yaser Asprilla: The Left-Footed Wonder

Yaser Asprilla, this lad can play just about anywhere behind the striker. But, being left-footed, he's a natural fit for the left wing. He's got a knack for dribbling and a keen eye for passing, but don't expect him to be whipping in crosses like David Beckham just yet.

David Kalokoh: Ajax's Prodigy

Next up, we've got David Kalokoh, a 17-year-old whizz-kid from Ajax. His rating might not be sky-high yet, but his potential is through the roof. With a solid first touch and impressive dribbling skills, he's one to watch out for.

Joao Pedro: The Striker-Turned-Winger

Over at Watford, they've got Joao Pedro, a natural striker who can also do a job on the left wing. He's the kind of player who can drift in from the wing and create scoring opportunities. Watford, you're in for a treat!

Nico Paz: The Madrid Maestro

Then there's Nico Paz, a teenager from Real Madrid. He's a work in progress, but with his current skills and potential, he's one to keep an eye on. His dribbling and passing are already top-notch, and he's got that flair that can produce a bit of magic every now and then.

Talles Magno: The Brazilian Sensation

Finally, we've got Talles Magno, currently playing for New York City FC. This Brazilian attacker is a future star on the wing. His dribbling and technique are already impressive, and his natural fitness makes him a nightmare for any defender.

So, there you have it, the best young left wingers in FM23 after the winter update. What do you reckon? Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments below. And remember, keep your eyes peeled for all the latest FM23 tips, tricks and guides.

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