A poacher in Football Manager 2023 is a type of striker who specialises in scoring goals from close range. This type of player has a keen sense of positioning, is always on the lookout for opportunities to score, and has the attributes required to finish off those chances.

Poachers are the ultimate goal-getters. They are the players who consistently score crucial goals in tight matches, who can turn a game in your favour with one well-placed shot. In Football Manager 2023, poachers are a valuable asset to any team and can be the difference between winning and losing.

The Secret Sauce: The Key Attributes of a Poacher

So, what makes a good poacher in Football Manager 2023? There are several key attributes to look for when signing or developing a striker in this role:


A poacher needs to be quick on their feet, so acceleration is a crucial attribute. A striker with high acceleration can beat defenders to the ball and get into goal-scoring positions before the opposition has time to react.


Pace is another important attribute for a poacher, as it helps them get away from defenders and reach the ball before the opposition can. A striker with good pace can make a big difference in one-on-one situations.


This one is obvious. A poacher needs to have a keen eye for goal and be able to finish with precision. Good finishing ability is what sets a poacher apart from other types of striker.

Decision Making

A poacher needs to make quick decisions in tight spaces and have the ability to make the right choice in the moment. Good decision making is essential to score goals and finish off chances.

Off the Ball

Off the ball is a vital attribute for a poacher, as it determines their movement and ability to get into scoring positions. A striker with good off the ball ability can anticipate opportunities to score and be in the right place at the right time.


Finally, composure is an important attribute for a poacher. A striker with good composure can keep their cool in high-pressure situations and score goals when it matters most.

Two's Company: Paired with a Target Man

A poacher is often most effective when paired with a target man in a two-striker formation. A target man provides the poacher with the opportunities to score, using their strength and aerial ability to hold up the ball and bring their strike partner into play.

This combination can be particularly effective in Football Manager 2023, as the poacher can take advantage of the target man's hold-up play to get into goal-scoring positions. The target man, in turn, benefits from the poacher's ability to finish off their chances.

To Wrap it Up...

A poacher is a crucial player in Football Manager 2023, capable of scoring crucial goals and turning games in your favour. When selecting or developing a striker in this role, it's important to look for players with the key attributes of acceleration, pace, finishing, decision making, off the ball, and composure. When paired with a target man, a poacher can be an unstoppable force up front. So, get out there and find your next goal-getting sensation!

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