Alright, football manager fans! Thought about sneaking into FM24 like that sneaky snack you hid from everyone? Here's the deal minus the snoozefest.

What's This FM24 Pre-Release Beta Shenanigans?

This isn’t some watered-down appetizer. Oh no! This beta's almost the full meal – just without those fancy editor sprinkles. You'll get those treats with the main course.

I’m Interested! What’s the Drill?

It's simpler than stealing chips from your mate's plate. Get the game through Football Manager Guides. Not only will you snag it at a cheekier price, but you’ll also throw some pennies our way. We get a small commission, you get a better deal – it’s a win-win!

When Do I Sneak In?

Somewhere around the 23rd October 2023. That’s your golden ticket day, a whopping 2 weeks before the common folk get in.

Can I Flex with All Modes?

It’s not set in stone, but the crystal ball says 'probably'. So, Network Games, Fantasy Draft mode and more – it's like getting the VIP pass while others wait in line.

Missing Your Precious Editors?

Keep your socks on. The Data Editor and its pals will join the party come the 6th November alongside the full release.

Got Room on Your Device?

Clear out roughly 7gb on your PC or Mac. Maybe delete those old holiday pics? Just a thought.

What Happens When the Party’s Over?

Your beta won’t vanish like Cinderella. It’ll just get a shiny upgrade when the full version dances in, and you can waltz on with your game.

What’s the Damage?

A steal at £29.99 in the UK, €35.09 for Europe, and for those further afield, $37.79. Remember, buying through us isn't just supporting the world of football management (and our ramen habit). It’s also smart wallet management.

Football Manager 2024

Uncover new ways to win in Football Manager 2024 as you explore new horizons and compete for football’s biggest prizes.

Buy now from CDKeys for £29.99

Alright, off you trot! Dive in, enjoy FM24, and hey, thanks for supporting our mischief at Football Manager Guides.

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