Enzo Fernández - a name that is slowly but surely making its way into the hearts of Football Manager 2023 players. With his impressive stats and skillset, he has quickly become one of the most sought-after players in the game. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of Enzo Fernández, exploring his strengths, weaknesses, and potential in the Football Manager world. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about Enzo Fernández in FM23.

Enzo Fernández's Strengths in FM23

Exceptional Understanding of Space

Enzo Fernández has an exceptional understanding of space, which allows him to move off the ball and find openings on the field. He is always aware of his surroundings and knows exactly where to position himself to receive the ball and make an impact in the game.

Excellent Vision

Fernández's remarkable vision allows him to see opportunities and openings on the field that others might miss. This enables him to play dangerous passes and set up his teammates, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Good Technique

Fernández has good technique and is capable of doing a lot on the ball. He is a nightmare for defenders to keep track of and often appears in front of goal out of nowhere.

High Fitness Level

Fernández has an exceptional natural fitness level, which allows him to maintain a high level of energy and endurance throughout the match and throughout his career. He also has a fast recovery time, making him less prone to injuries.


Enzo Fernández is a young and promising player who has the potential to become a world-class level player. His exceptional understanding of space, excellent vision, good technique, and high fitness level make him a valuable player for any team in FM23.

Enzo Fernández's Weaknesses in FM23

Lack of Precision and Power in Free Kicks

Enzo Fernández's free kicks are not accurate and lack the necessary power to be a threat to the opposition's goalkeeper. Therefore, it is not advisable to assign him to free-kick duties in your team.

Inaccurate and Ineffective Headers

Enzo Fernández is not good in the air and his headers are often inaccurate and not dangerous. Therefore, he is not a reliable option when it comes to aerial duels, both in attack and defence.

Overall, as a wonderkid in FM23, Enzo Fernández has a lot of potential to grow and become a world-class player. However, his weaknesses in free kicks and headers should be taken into consideration when building your team and choosing his role in it.

Tactical Styles for Enzo Fernández

Enzo Fernández's abilities make him a valuable asset for any team, but it's crucial to choose the right tactical style that suits his playing style. Here are some of the best tactical styles for Enzo Fernández in FM23:


Enzo Fernández's exceptional understanding of space and his high natural fitness level make him an ideal fit for the Gegenpress tactic. This tactic involves pressing the opposing team high up the pitch to force them into making mistakes. The tactic suits Enzo Fernández's strengths, as he can win the ball back and create opportunities for his team.


The Tiki-Taka tactical style involves quick passing and movement to maintain possession of the ball. Enzo Fernández's good technique and vision make him a suitable player for this tactic. He can move the ball quickly and accurately, creating chances for his teammates.


Enzo Fernández's exceptional vision and passing range make him an ideal fit for the Regista role. This tactic involves a central midfielder dropping deep to control the game's tempo and distribute the ball effectively. Enzo Fernández's natural fitness level allows him to keep up with the demands of this role, while his vision allows him to create chances for his teammates.

Deep-Lying Playmaker

The Deep-Lying Playmaker tactic involves a central midfielder dropping deep to receive the ball and start attacks. Enzo Fernández's exceptional vision and understanding of space make him a perfect fit for this tactic. He can receive the ball deep and create opportunities for his team, while his natural fitness level allows him to contribute defensively as well.

Overall, there are various tactical styles that suit Enzo Fernández's playing style in Football Manager 2023. It's essential to choose the right tactic that maximises his strengths and minimises his weaknesses.


In conclusion, Enzo Fernández is definitely a player worth considering in FM23. With his exceptional skills, remarkable vision and understanding of space, he can be a game-changer for any team. Although he still has room for improvement in some areas, his potential to become a world class player is undeniable. As a young player, he can be a great addition to any squad, and with the right amount of training and development, he can become a force to be reckoned with on the field. So, if you are looking for a talented and promising wonderkid to add to your team, Enzo Fernández is definitely worth considering in FM23.

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