Are you tired of seeing the same plain faces of your Football Manager players? Do you want to take your FM23 experience to the next level? Then look no further than DF11 Facepack!

With over 185,000 portrait-style faces of players from almost all playable leagues in Football Manager 2023, DF11 Facepack is a must-have for any FM fan. Not only does it add uniformity to your game, but it also enhances the player's appearance and makes your game more immersive.

But why stop at that? You can further customise your game by using custom skins with the DF11 Facepack. It's a great way to make your game stand out and bring more personality to your gameplay.

Don't settle for the plain and mundane. Follow our easy installation guide for DF11 Facepack and take your Football Manager experience to the next level!

Elevate Your Football Manager Experience with DF11 Facepack

DF11 Facepack offers a variety of benefits that can elevate your Football Manager experience. Here are some reasons why you should consider using DF11 Facepack:

High-Quality Portrait Faces

With DF11 Facepack, you'll have access to over 185,000 high-quality portrait faces of players from almost all playable leagues in Football Manager 2023. These portrait faces are carefully crafted to add a more realistic and immersive feel to your game.

Uniformity in Player Appearance

Have you ever noticed how some players in Football Manager have generic or even different-looking faces? With DF11 Facepack, you'll get uniformity in player appearance, which adds to the realism and consistency of your game.

Easy to Install

DF11 Facepack is easy to install, thanks to our simple and straightforward installation guide. You can have it up and running in no time, and once it's installed, you'll never look back.

Monthly Updates

DF11 Facepack offers monthly updates, which means that you'll always have the latest and greatest portrait faces for your players. Keeping your DF11 Megapack updated with the newest images and transfer updates ensures that your game stays fresh and up-to-date.

Don't settle for less. Upgrade your Football Manager experience with DF11 Facepack and enjoy high-quality portrait faces for your players.

A Complete Installation Guide for DF11 Facepack in Football Manager 2023

Ready to install DF11 Facepack in your Football Manager 2023 game? Follow these simple steps:

Place the extracted 'DF11 Megapack' folder in the following directory of your computer system:

Windows: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\graphics
Mac: Users\Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\graphics
Mac Catalina: Username\Library\Application Support\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics
Note: Create the 'graphics' folder yourself if it doesn't exist already at the indicated location.
  • Start your Football Manager 2023 game.
  • Open the in-game settings 'Preferences > Interface'.
  • Click the "Clear Cache" button 1x. Untick the following line: "Use caching to decrease page loading times". Tick ON: "Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences". Confirm the changes to reload the skin. There should be a box that pops up saying: "loading image data for the new skin".

And that's it! With these easy steps, you can install DF11 Facepack in your Football Manager 2023 game and enjoy the high-quality portrait faces of your players.


DF11 Facepack is an essential tool for Football Manager fans who want to enhance their gameplay experience. With over 185,000 high-quality portrait faces and uniformity in player appearance, DF11 Facepack adds a level of realism and consistency that is unmatched.

Installing DF11 Facepack is easy and straightforward, and with monthly updates, you can always stay up-to-date with the latest portrait faces for your players. Custom skins can also further enhance your Football Manager experience, allowing for more personalization and customization.

As a Football Manager fan myself, I highly recommend DF11 Facepack to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level. Don't settle for generic or different-looking faces for your players. Upgrade to DF11 Facepack and experience the difference for yourself.

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