In this Football Manager 2023 wonderkids blog post, we will dive deeper into Eduardo Camavinga's strengths, weaknesses, and potential in the game. We will also explore how you can get the most out of him in your team and help him reach his full potential. So, grab a cup of coffee and let's get started!

Eduardo Camavinga's Strengths in FM23

Technical Skills

  • Good technique and comfort on the ball
  • Capable of executing a variety of moves and skills
  • Accurate and consistent with his passes
  • Has a great first touch

Defensive Abilities

  • Excellent tackling ability with clean challenges
  • Aggressive and tenacious in making challenges
  • Anticipates the game well and can read the play
  • Strong and can win battles against opponents

Physical Attributes

  • Exceptional natural fitness levels
  • Impressive stamina and work rate
  • Fast recovery time
  • Immensely strong with the ability to overpower other players


  • High level of intelligence and understanding of the game
  • Capable of making crucial decisions in crucial moments
  • Ability to adapt to different tactical approaches
  • Excellent team player, making him an asset to any squad

Eduardo Camavinga is a highly valuable player in FM23 with a range of impressive skills that make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. His technical abilities, defensive skills, physical attributes, and intelligence make him a highly sought after player in the game. With his potential to become one of the greatest players of all time, he is a must-have player for any team looking to succeed in the long run.

Eduardo Camavinga's Weaknesses in FM23

Set Pieces

Eduardo Camavinga is not the best option for free kicks or corner kicks as he lacks precision and power. Assigning him to these roles may result in wasted opportunities for the team.

Penalty Kicks

Camavinga is not a reliable option for penalty kicks. It is advisable to assign someone else to take them to avoid missed opportunities and potential losses for the team.

Best Tactical Styles for Eduardo Camavinga in FM23

When it comes to Eduardo Camavinga's playing style, his strengths lie in his excellent defensive abilities, tremendous energy, and intelligence on the field. These attributes make him an ideal fit for certain tactical styles in FM23.

1. Defensive Midfielder Role

As a natural Defensive Midfielder, Eduardo Camavinga is best utilised when given a role that allows him to sit in front of the defence and break up play. In FM23, he can be given the Defensive Midfielder role, which will allow him to use his physicality and tenacity to win the ball back and protect his backline.

2. High Pressing Style

Camavinga's incredible energy and stamina make him a perfect fit for a high pressing style of play. This tactic involves putting pressure on the opposition high up the pitch, forcing them into making mistakes and winning the ball back in dangerous areas. With Camavinga's work rate and ability to cover large amounts of ground, he can be an effective force in executing this tactic.

3. Counter Attacking Style

Another tactical style that suits Eduardo Camavinga is the counter attacking style. This involves sitting deep and absorbing pressure from the opposition before breaking quickly and decisively on the counter attack. With Camavinga's intelligence on the field and ability to read the game, he can be instrumental in launching swift counter attacks that catch opponents off-guard.

Overall, Eduardo Camavinga is a versatile player who can adapt to various tactical styles. However, the above-mentioned styles are particularly suited to his unique skill set and can help him reach his full potential in Football Manager 2023.


In conclusion, Eduardo Camavinga is a phenomenal Football Manager 2023 wonderkid who has the potential to become one of the greatest players of all time. At a young age, he boasts impressive technical abilities, intelligence, aggression, and work ethic on the pitch. Although he may not be the best option for set pieces and penalties, his natural fitness and strength make him an asset to any team. As a high-reputation player with a hefty price tag, Camavinga is worth the investment for any team looking to secure a future superstar.

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