Bukayo Saka is one of the hottest prospects in world football, with a wealth of potential and the ability to be a game-changer for any team. In Football Manager 2023, he is listed as a Right Winger, and his attributes allow him to play as an Inside Forward, making him a deadly threat on the pitch.

Exploring Bukayo Saka's Key Skills and Abilities on the Right Wing

Bukayo Saka's attributes are what make him such a unique player in Football Manager 2023. Here are some of his key attributes:

Attribute Rating
Dribbling 15
First Touch 14
Acceleration 17
Crossing 14
Finishing 11
Vision 15
Passing 13

These attributes show that Bukayo Saka is a dribbling and pace-focused player, with the ability to take on defenders and make key passes. However, there is room for improvement in his finishing and crossing, which can be addressed through training and development.

Exploiting Space

One of Bukayo Saka's greatest strengths is his ability to exploit space on the pitch. With his high acceleration, he can quickly get behind the defence and create opportunities for his team. When playing as an Inside Forward, it is important to instruct him to "Roam from Position" and "Get Further Forward" in order to make the most of his pace and space-finding abilities.

Wise Beyond his Years

Bukayo Saka's decision-making is wise beyond his years. He is capable of making smart runs and reading the game, allowing him to create opportunities for his team and score crucial goals. To get the best out of him, it is important to give him freedom on the pitch and let him make his own decisions.

Bukayo Saka's Performance in Different Tactical Situations

Here is how Bukayo Saka rates in different tactical scenarios in Football Manager 2023:

Counter Attacking

Scenario Rating
Ability to exploit space 9
Ability to make smart runs 8
Ability to finish 6

Bukayo Saka is at his best when counter-attacking, using his pace and dribbling ability to get behind the defence and create opportunities. However, his finishing needs improvement in order to maximise his effectiveness in this scenario.


Scenario Rating
Ability to make smart passes 7
Ability to hold onto the ball 8
Ability to make runs off the ball 7

While Bukayo Saka can be effective in a tiki-taka system, there is room for improvement in his passing and off-the-ball movement.


Scenario Rating
Ability to press 6
Ability to win the ball back 7
Ability to create opportunities 8

While Bukayo Saka can be effective in a gegenpressing system, there is room for improvement in his pressing and ball-winning abilities.

Maximising Bukayo Saka's Potential

In Football Manager 2023, player development is a key aspect of building a successful team. By training and improving your players' attributes and skills, you can turn a good player into a great one.

Fine-Tuning Bukayo Saka's Skills for Optimal Performance

To make Bukayo Saka a more effective Inside Forward on the Right Wing, it is important to focus on improving the following attributes:

  1. Finishing - to increase his ability to score goals.
  2. Dribbling - to improve his ability to beat defenders and create chances.
  3. Off-the-Ball - to enhance his movement and positioning on the pitch.
  4. Teamwork - to improve his understanding of the game and ability to work with his teammates.
  5. Physical Attributes (e.g. Stamina, Acceleration) - to enhance his overall performance and durability in matches.

Through regular training sessions, you can improve these attributes and make Bukayo Saka a more complete and dangerous player.

Using Personalised Player Instructions to Unleash Bukayo Saka's Full Potential

In addition to improving attributes, Personalised Player Instructions (PPMs) can also greatly impact Bukayo Saka's performance on the pitch. PPMs are specific instructions that you can give to a player to tailor their behaviour and decision-making during matches. Here are some recommended PPMs for Bukayo Saka:

  1. "Dribbles More" - to increase his dribbling frequency and impact on the game.
  2. "Cuts Inside" - to make use of his inside forward position and shoot more often.
  3. "Runs with Ball Often" - to utilise his dribbling skills and take on opponents.
  4. "Attempts Overlapping Runs" - to make use of his pace and exploit space on the right wing.


Bukayo Saka is a talented young player with a bright future ahead of him. With the right training and development, he has the potential to become a dominant force on the right wing as an inside forward. By improving key attributes and utilizing personalised player instructions (PPMs), you can turn Bukayo Saka into a truly unstoppable force in Football Manager 2023. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, this guide provides a comprehensive roadmap to maximizing Bukayo Saka's potential and elevating your team to new heights.

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