In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the world of Charles De Ketelaere in Football Manager 2023. As a wonderkid with a lot of potential to grow, we will take a closer look at his stats, strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance in the game. Whether you are a Milan fan trying to build a winning team, or just a football enthusiast looking for the next big thing, this post will provide you with all the information you need to know about Charles De Ketelaere in FM23. So, let's get started!

Charles De Ketelaere's Strengths in FM23

Exceptional Technique

Charles De Ketelaere has excellent technique and can do almost anything with the ball. He is a master of curling the ball, playing with his heel, and using the inside of his foot. His ball control is unmatched, and he has an extraordinary first touch. He can receive passes in the tightest of spaces, making him a valuable asset for any team.

Creative Flair

De Ketelaere is a very tricky and creative player who brings a lot of flair to the game. He enjoys playing the game and always keeps his opponents guessing. He puts the team first and is a true team player, possessing good vision on the field to play key passes and assists that other players might not see.

Potential to Become World Class

Despite being only 21 years old, Charles De Ketelaere is already considered a wonderkid with the potential to become a world-class player. He has a lot of potential left to grow and is a valuable addition to any team.


De Ketelaere's preferred position is central attacking midfielder, but he can also play as an attacking midfielder on both wings. His versatility makes him a valuable asset for any team, and he is an excellent player to have on the bench in case of injuries or suspensions.

Valuable Asset

De Ketelaere is an expensive player with a value of €46M, but he is worth every penny. He is a valuable asset to any team and can make a significant difference on the field.

Charles De Ketelaere's Weaknesses in FM23

Defensive Contribution

One area where Charles De Ketelaere struggles is his defensive contribution. He is not known for his defensive prowess and is not very aggressive in his marking. His lack of defensive skills may leave his team exposed to counterattacks if he fails to track back and defend. It is important to have a solid defensive structure around him to cover for his defensive weaknesses.

Lack of Leadership

Another weakness of Charles De Ketelaere is his lack of leadership skills. He is not suitable to be a captain of his team due to his lack of leadership qualities. He may not lead by example in difficult situations and may not be able to motivate his teammates. It is important to have a strong leader in the team to guide and motivate the players, especially during tough times.

Best Tactical Styles for Charles De Ketelaere in FM23


With his excellent technique, ball control, and creativity, Charles De Ketelaere would be a great fit for the Tiki-Taka style of play. This tactical style involves short passes and quick movements, which would allow De Ketelaere to showcase his dribbling skills and vision on the field. His ability to receive passes in tight spaces would also be an asset in this style of play.


Another tactical style that would suit Charles De Ketelaere is the possession-based style. This style focuses on maintaining possession of the ball and building up play slowly. With De Ketelaere's incredible ball control and first touch, he would excel in this style. He would be able to receive passes and hold onto the ball until he sees an opportunity to create chances for his team.


Charles De Ketelaere's flair and creativity make him a natural fit for an attacking style of play. This tactical style involves constant pressure on the opponents and quick transitions from defense to offense. With his quick feet and vision, De Ketelaere would be able to make key passes and assists that can lead to goals. However, his lack of defensive skills means that the team would need to have strong defenders to support him.

Overall, Charles De Ketelaere is a versatile player who can fit into various tactical styles. However, his strengths lie in his creativity, ball control, and vision, making him a perfect fit for Tiki-Taka, possession-based, or an attacking style of play.


In conclusion, Charles De Ketelaere is a highly talented player with immense potential in Football Manager 2023. His technical ability and creativity on the ball make him a valuable asset to any team. However, his lack of defensive capabilities and leadership qualities may hinder his overall performance on the field. Nonetheless, if managed and trained properly, Charles De Ketelaere has the potential to become one of the best players in the game.

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