As the fresh season unfurls, one can’t help but get twitchy fingers over the new Football Manager saga. FM24 is out, and as clubs slam shut the transfer window, tidying up their squads for the turf battles ahead, the mind naturally meanders to the thrilling challenge of leading a pixelated crew to virtual victory. So, without further ado, let’s dive into a handpicked list of teams that scream excitement for your first FM24 journey.

Newcastle United

Ah, Newcastle United, where the roster is a living, breathing FM dreamland. Tonali, Botman, Isak, Livramento – it's like the who’s who of pixelated prodigies. Under the stewardship of Eddie Howe, this is the playground every FM aficionado would drool over. Brimming with promise, backed by a fanbase that bleeds black and white, and oh, let’s not forget the bottomless treasure chest they’ve got. Newcastle’s digital avatar has been a delight for a while, and FM24 isn’t changing that script. Your mission, should you dare to embark, is to shower the northeast with glory and morph those ambitious blueprints into tangible triumphs. Sandro Tonali is your virtuoso; build your empire around his digital genius, and you’re on a joyride.

Luton Town

Now, let’s drift to the other spectrum of the Premier League – the newbies, Luton Town. Their entry is nothing short of a fairy tale, vaulting through 5 promotions in 9 years. But, FM24 isn’t about fairy tales, it’s about harsh realities. Despite roping in seasoned guns like Ross Barkley and potential sparks like Mads Andersen and Tahith Chong, the odds stare menacingly at the Hatters. This is your gritty storyline – saving the underdogs from the jaws of relegation and laying the first bricks of a hopeful future.


Malaga, the darling of FM for years, now finds itself in the wilderness of the third tier in Spanish football. But, there’s a silver lining – a club with a potential as big as the sky, playing with the mortals way beneath them. Escaping the Primera Federacion should be a cakewalk for the FM virtuosos. But the real drama unfolds post that, as you steer this ship through the choppy waters of Liga Segunda, a realm where Malaga found real-life adversaries towering over them.


AZ, a name that resonates with the charm of the Eredivisie, despite living under the shadow of the big three. Yet, it’s an open playfield, and a little magic with your AZ battalion could see you belting past expectations. With attacking talons like Pavlidis and Karlsson, and a nursery of young guns like Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro, Ernest Poku, and Yusuf Barasi, you’re in for a ride to possibly usher in a new era of Dutch dominance.

Saint Etienne

Ah, Saint Etienne, a name that once sent shivers down the French football alley, now finds itself yearning for old glory. Those 10 titles and 6 coupes de France seem like tales from another era. The present paints a grim picture, with fans venting their fury on the pitch post a relegation in 2022. This is your canvas - a team at its nadir, awaiting a savior to climb back to the zenith and give PSG a run for their money.

Inter Miami

The tectonic plates of European football have shifted, with legends now eyeing adventures in new realms. While some opted for a Middle Eastern sojourn, a few set sail across the Atlantic. Enter Inter Miami, suddenly the talk of the town with the arrival of Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets. Though still finding their feet in the MLS, the injection of such celestial talents skyrockets the potential of what can be achieved. On FM24, your quest is to ensure that the legacy of these stars isn’t a fleeting meteor, but a lasting constellation that shines over the Miami skies.

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