Welcome to our blog post about attacking coaches in FM23! If you're an avid player of Football Manager, you know that having the right coaching staff is crucial to the success of your team. In FM23, one type of coach that can greatly impact your team's performance is the attacking coach. An attacking coach is responsible for developing your team's attacking abilities, from improving the players' technical skills to enhancing their tactical understanding. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of attacking coaches in FM23, exploring their role, importance, and how they can help your team score more goals and achieve glory on the virtual pitch. So, whether you're a seasoned FM player or new to the game, let's delve into the world of attacking coaches in FM23 and learn how they can give your team the winning edge!

What is an Attacking Coach?

If you're an avid player of Football Manager, you might be familiar with the concept of coaching staff that play a crucial role in shaping your team's performance. Among the various types of coaches, the attacking coach is a key figure when it comes to improving your team's attacking prowess. Just like how a skilled mechanic tunes up a high-performance car to achieve maximum speed and power, an attacking coach in FM23 is responsible for fine-tuning your team's attacking abilities to create goal-scoring opportunities and outplay the opposition.

Think of an attacking coach as the creative genius behind your team's attacking strategies. They work tirelessly on the training ground, using their expertise to hone your players' technical skills, tactical awareness, and decision-making abilities to unlock defences and create scoring chances. From training sessions focused on improving dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques, to devising offensive tactics tailored to your team's strengths, an attacking coach is a mastermind who helps your team play with flair and creativity in the final third of the pitch.

In FM23, an attacking coach is more than just a coach who focuses on improving your team's attacking attributes. They also play a vital role in developing your players' mental attributes, such as composure, vision, and anticipation, which are essential for making smart decisions in the attacking third. Moreover, they work closely with other members of your coaching staff, including the head coach, assistant coach, and other specialised coaches, to ensure that your team's attacking strategies are aligned with the overall team philosophy and tactics.

TLDR; an attacking coach in FM23 is a vital member of your coaching staff who specialises in improving your team's attacking abilities through technical training, tactical awareness, and mental development. Their expertise and guidance can help your team unlock defences, create scoring opportunities, and score more goals, ultimately leading your team to glory on the virtual pitch. So, let's dive deeper into the role and importance of attacking coaches in FM23, and how you can make the most of their expertise to elevate your team's attacking prowess!

Tactical vs. Technical Attacking Coaches in FM23

When it comes to selecting an attacking coach for your team in Football Manager 23, it's crucial to understand the key differences between tactical and technical coaches. While both types of coaches play a vital role in improving your team's attacking prowess, they bring distinct approaches to the table.

Tactical Attacking Coaches: Masterminding the Offensive Game Plan

A tactical attacking coach is like a strategist, meticulously planning and orchestrating your team's attacking movements on the pitch. They focus on developing offensive strategies, such as formations, player roles, and team instructions, to exploit the opposition's weaknesses and create scoring opportunities. They analyse the opposition's defence, identify patterns, and devise intricate attacking plans that aim to outwit and outscore the opposition.

A tactical attacking coach's expertise lies in understanding the nuances of the game and creating a cohesive attacking unit that works together to break down defences. They emphasise teamwork, movement off the ball, and exploiting spaces, and their coaching sessions revolve around tactical drills, positioning, and decision-making in the final third.

Technical Attacking Coaches: Nurturing Individual Skills

On the other hand, a technical attacking coach is more like a skills coach, honing the individual abilities of your players to excel in attacking situations. They focus on refining the technical aspects of attacking play, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control, to help your players become more proficient and confident in one-on-one situations or in tight spaces.

A technical attacking coach's expertise lies in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual players and tailoring their coaching sessions accordingly. They work on specific skills, provide personalised feedback, and devise drills that aim to enhance your players' abilities in specific attacking areas. They also work on developing players' awareness, decision-making, and creativity in the attacking third, helping them make the right choices and execute with precision.

Finding the Right Balance

Both tactical and technical attacking coaches play a crucial role in developing your team's attacking prowess in FM23. While tactical coaches focus on devising offensive strategies and team dynamics, technical coaches nurture individual skills and abilities. Finding the right balance between these two types of coaches can greatly impact your team's attacking success. It's essential to assess your team's needs, consider your playing style, and select the type of attacking coach that complements your overall vision for success on the pitch. So, let's move on to the next section and explore further how you can effectively utilise both tactical and technical attacking coaches to propel your team to glory!

Top Attacking Coaches in FM23

Now that we understand the different types of attacking coaches in FM23, let's take a closer look at some of the best coaches available in the game. These coaches are renowned for their expertise in developing attacking skills and strategies, and they can significantly boost your team's offensive performance on the pitch.

Here are some of the top attacking coaches in FM23 that you should consider hiring:

  1. Pepijn Lijnders (Liverpool) - Known for his expertise in attacking and possession-based tactics, Lijnders is a mastermind when it comes to developing technical skills in players.
  2. Michael Beale - A tactical genius in the realm of attacking football, Beale's strategies and training methods have been proven effective in enhancing the offensive capabilities of his teams.
  3. Rodolfo Borrell - With a keen eye for intricate possession-based attacking play, Borrell has earned a reputation for his ability to coach players to excel in the technical and tactical aspects of the game.
  4. Raúl José - A renowned coach in the field of attacking and possession-based football, José's expertise in technical training methods have been sought after by top clubs.
  5. Maurizio Trombetta - Well-known for his proficiency in developing attacking and possession-based tactics, Trombetta's coaching methods have proven to be effective in improving the offensive capabilities of his teams.
  6. Éder Aleixo - Known for his technical coaching style, Aleixo has a knack for developing players' skills in the attacking aspect of the game, making him a sought-after coach.
  7. Gianni Vio - A master in attacking and possession-based tactics, Vio's coaching methods are renowned for their effectiveness in improving the offensive performance of his teams.
  8. Travis Binnion - A tactical expert in attacking football, Binnion's coaching style focuses on improving technical and tactical aspects of players' games, making him a valuable asset to any team.
  9. Kieran McKenna - With a focus on attacking and tactical training methods, McKenna's coaching style has proven effective in enhancing the offensive capabilities of his teams.
  10. Benjamin Glück - Known for his tactical acumen in attacking football, Glück's coaching methods have been successful in developing players' skills in the offensive aspects of the game.

With these renowned coaches at the helm of your team's attacking training, you can expect your players to excel in the offensive department, posing a formidable threat to your opponents on the pitch.


Well, there you have it, folks! In this section, we've explored the critical role of attacking coaches in FM23 and how they can make a significant difference in unlocking the full potential of a team's offensive capabilities. From tactical geniuses to technical maestros, these coaches bring their expertise to the forefront, fine-tuning the skills of players and creating a formidable attacking force on the pitch.

As we've seen, the distinction between tactical and technical attacking coaches lies in their coaching styles and areas of focus. Tactical coaches emphasise strategic and tactical aspects, while technical coaches prioritise improving the technical skills of players. Both approaches have their merits, and the right fit for a team depends on its playing style and the strengths of its players.

Having a top-notch attacking coach in your team can be a game-changer, leading to increased goals, improved performances, and ultimately, more victories on the field. So, when you're building your dream team in FM23, don't underestimate the importance of a skilled and experienced attacking coach to bring out the best in your offensive players.

With that, we conclude our exploration of the difference between tactical and technical attacking coaches in FM23. Remember, a well-trained and finely-tuned attacking force can be the key to success in the world of football management. So, choose your attacking coach wisely, and get ready to unleash the offensive powerhouse of your team! Keep playing, keep coaching, and keep winning! Cheers!

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