Football Managers, have you ever wondered how Mikel Arteta's Arsenal plays on the pitch? Have you wanted to replicate that same style, precision, and flair in Football Manager 2024? Look no further. We have crafted a meticulously designed FM24 tactic that mirrors Arteta's philosophy, and we're going to break it down for you. By the end of this blog post, you'll be itching to download and try this tactic yourself.

Arteta's Arsenal FM23 Tactic: How it looks
Arteta's Arsenal FM24 Tactic: How it looks in FM24

Formation & Tactical Style

Arsenal under Arteta is known for its aggressive pressing style. This tactic incorporates a custom Gegenpress system, ensuring that your players will hunt down the ball and regain possession as quickly as possible. The formation is an intricate 4-3-3, which provides stability in the middle while allowing the wings to explode into action.

Zinchenko's Pivotal Role: The Attacking Inverted Wingback

One of the standout features of this tactic is how Zinchenko is deployed. Traditionally, you might expect your wing-backs to stay wide, but Zinchenko has been given a more central, offensive role. As an Inverted Wingback, Zinchenko will cut inside and surge forward, often positioning himself in areas where central midfielders usually operate. This not only creates overloads in the center but also allows other players to exploit the spaces he leaves wide open.

Odegaard: The Advanced Playmaker Maestro

In the heart of the formation is Odegaard, operating as an Advanced Playmaker. This role ensures he becomes the central hub of all attacking movements. He'll look to distribute key passes, engage in intricate link-up plays, and even take shots from outside the box. Given his vision and creativity, Odegaard can slice open defenses, making him an integral part of this tactic.

Ben White: The Overlapping Right Back

While Zinchenko cuts inside from the left, Ben White is given a contrasting role. As a Supportive Wingback, White will frequently make overlapping runs down the right flank. This dual-action from both flanks ensures the pitch is stretched, creating spaces for the likes of Saka and Martinelli to exploit. White's pace and crossing ability will pose a consistent threat to opposing defenses.

Playing Through the Lines

The tactic emphasizes Shorter Passing and Playing Out Of Defence. It ensures that the team maintains possession, allowing for the ball to be circulated efficiently through the midfield. The likes of Rice and Partey are pivotal in this, often acting as the bridge between defense and attack. Their ability to quickly distribute and switch play will catch many defenses off-guard.

Attacking & Defensive Philosophies

In attack, the tactic uses a Much Shorter Passing system with a Slightly Lower Tempo. This encourages patient build-up play, looking for that perfect moment to strike. The likes of Gabriel Jesus, operating as an Attacking Forward, will always be on the prowl, ready to pounce on any opportunity.

Defensively, there's a Much Higher Defensive Line coupled with High Press. This ensures that the team not only regains possession higher up the pitch but also restricts the opposition from building their plays comfortably.


Arteta's Arsenal is a blend of aggressive pressing, intelligent ball movement, and tactical flexibility. This Football Manager 2024 tactic captures the essence of Arteta's philosophy, offering players a chance to experience the thrill of managing a team that plays the 'Arteta way'. If you've ever wanted your FM team to mirror the tactical nuances of one of the top Premier League sides, this is your chance.

Ready to take your FM experience to the next level? Don't just read about it - live it. Click below and download Arteta's Arsenal FM24 tactic now!

Note: Ensure to familiarise your team with the tactic before expecting optimal results. Every tactical setup requires time and patience to bear fruit. Good luck, managers!

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